Mindset Matters: HSA Angela Simpson

The MTC Medical division provides medical services at many of the facilities we operate. The medical team at each site is led by a Health Services Administrator or HSA.

All of us throughout MTC want to take a moment to salute each one of our HSAs, knowing they represent the determination and fortitude of every member of their team at each facility where MTC Medical has a presence.

In this story, we pay tribute to Angela Simpson, the HSA at Arizona State Prison-Marana in Marana, AZ. Jeremy Casey is the warden.

Warden Casey: I think overall she’s fit in really well with the management team here. She’s always excited to do more things, pick up things. She assists with all the other departments.

Marana team in office
ASP-Marana medical team


Angela: I have a really good team here, they all work together well. Every day I see the caring that comes from the nurses, and they’re all helping each other. They are not afraid to ask me for help.

Warden Casey: She’s brought a lot of attributes and good leadership skills. Here, work ethic alone is good in her support for her team, so it’s brought that BIONIC culture into the small medical team here at Marana.

Angela: The inmates are comfortable coming to me, asking questions if they don’t understand. And I like the education part of that, where you can assist and teach them how to take care of themselves better.

Warden Casey: I’m fortunate to have a tight-knit group of medical staff here. They work well together, good teamwork. It starts from the leadership down. Probably the best thing I have going for me is that they work so well together, and we don’t have issues out of MTC medical staff here.

Angela: I love working with this team.

Angela and co workers looking back
HSA Angela Simpson and ASP-Marana staff