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MTC Corrections: Rehabilitating Offenders

Preparing offenders to successfully transition into communities

Since the early 1980s, MTC has been serving at-risk populations by providing them with education and technical training—so it was a natural transition when MTC entered the field of corrections and rehabilitation in 1987. And the work MTC does in corrections changes people’s lives forever.

Paul McAfee, Former Offender, Diboll Correctional Center

Paul McAfee, Former Offender, Diboll Correctional Center

“The warden and other staff really cared about me. It’s because of them that I changed my life. The facility gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of things that have been helpful to me in society today.”

Family members and friends of incarcerated individuals also talk about MTC’s commitment to improving the lives of offenders and detainees.

“Let me express a sincere thank you for your company’s handling, attention, and care of the inmates in the facility. My close friend is at your facility and she says since your company took over the facility, everything across the board has simply been better. Better food, better administration, better conditions, cleanliness, etc. Thank you.” ~ Close Friend of Inmate, Lockhart Correctional Facility

Helping rehabilitate offenders since 1987

MTC provides nearly 25,000 men and women at 21 correctional facilities and four detention centers with rehabilitation programs and comprehensive services to help them prepare for a successful transition back to society. The majority of offenders will eventually be released, and it’s our responsibility to ensure they’re equipped with the knowledge and skills they need so they don’t re-offend.

The MTC Impact in 2017

  • 31,949 vocational, educational, substance abuse, and life-skills certificates earned by offenders
  • 12,728,916 hours of effective programming and structured activities provided to offenders and detainees
  • 752,405 service hours spent helping improve local communities

“The rehabilitation and reform that is provided here gives us a second chance at life and is truly a gift to our children. You’re not only helping this generation. There is a trickle-down effect. I am so grateful to you and Gadsden for helping me make the much needed changes in my life.”
~ Inmate, Gadsden Correctional Facility

Facility Overviews

Click on the facility name for a detailed overview sheet for each location.

Dalby Correctional Facility (2,063) ACA, CEA, TJC, PREA

Taft Correctional Institution (2,504) ACA, CEA, TJC, PREA


El Valle Detention Facility (1,000)

IAH Detention Center (1,061)

Imperial Regional Detention Facility (782) ACA

Otero County Processing Center (1,089) ACA, NCCHC

U.S. Marshals & Others
Willacy County Regional Detention Facility (636) ACA, PREA, NCCHC

Otero County Prison Facility (1,420) ACA, CEA, PREA

Arizona State Prison – Marana (513) ACA, CEA, LSATF, PREA, NCCHC

Gadsden Correctional Facility (1,633) ACA, CEA, PREA

Idaho CAPP Facility (442) ACA

North Central Correctional Complex (2,706) ACA

East Mississippi Correctional Facility (1,223) ACA, CEA, PREA

Marshall County Correctional Facility (1,056) ACA, PREA

Wilkinson County Correctional Facility (1,050)