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MTC’s mission is to assist people returning to their communities lead successful lives by providing easy access to resources that will support re-entry needs. From providing a re-entry checklist, and information about how to access housing, transportation, education, job search, and a host of other services, it’s all here in our re-entry resource hub.  There is even information about how to stay focused on personal strengths, the importance of supportive people during this time, and the need to set and achieve goals.

The first weeks and months following release may present challenges to the individual, their families, and their friends. Our hope is to alleviate some of the stress by providing critical supports and resources in this re-entry hub to promote success for life.


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Getting Started


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Finding Help Finding Help

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Identification offices, food & housing assistance, help paying bills, and no/low cost support including new CARES Act programs.

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Finding Work Finding Work
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Resources for career exploration, resume writing, and job training and openings including tools designed for returning citizens.

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Finding Support Finding Support
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Self-improvement and treatment support that can help increase your ability to cope with the many changes related to a successful re-entry.

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Re-entry Resources by Category


Family & Children
Find Healing By Sharing Your Story
  • Share Your Success with MTC
    We’ll come to you and shoot a video about the positive changes you’ve made in your life. You can then take the vide story we create and use it to share with your family, friends, potential employers, etc. Contact Dale Bradshaw at 801-693-2783 to get started.
  • Escaping the Odds Podcast
    Share your story of success with Aaron Smith, host of Escaping the Odds Podcast. Aaron’s story is one hope and change as he served time in prison and overcame his challenges. Contact Aaron Smith by clicking here.
Food Assistance
General Re-Entry Help
Health Care & Insurance
Income Assistance
Job Boards
Job Search Prep
Key Documents
Legal Aid
Mental Health & Addiction
Money Management
Safe & Secure Online
Shopping & Entertainment
Technology for Daily Living
Veteran Assistance

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Keys to Success for Life


Know Your Strengths

  • Consider times in the past when you felt successful in a big or small way
  • Think about what you did that impacted your success
  • Imagine applying your past successes to the future
  • Keep an ongoing list of things you’re thankful for and your personal strengths


Surround Yourself with Supportive People

  • Think about the most important people in your life
  • Decide if you want to be more or less like them
  • Consider whether each individual is a positive or negative influence
  • Keep an ongoing list of positive characteristics and people who support your growth


Prioritize Needs and Set Goals

  • Think about the three most important needs you have
  • Prioritize them from most to least important
  • Begin working on one at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed
  • Remember your goal and stay patient, yet determined