“Hey, I’ve been on a lot of units. This is by far the best unit. Appreciate you, warden.”

"I toured correctional facilities in Texas run by a company called Management & Training Corporation. The opportunities and programming afforded

“It actually helps me because it’s a good thing helping the community. You know helping others with what they lost,”

“Yes, yes, definitely. I would say this program helped me for the better because I was able to get a

"It's impressive to see the creativity of these young entrepreneurs. They will do well."

Demar took his training very seriously, and always looked for opportunities to improve his skills

“My hope is that they take what I teach during my services and use them once they are released back

“It got to the point where I eventually became homeless. I was homeless for a couple of months.”

As a frequent visitor visiting my son, it was obvious that CCC is run by an excellent group of people

"We are very grateful, on behalf of the Sikh community, to the chaplain here and to all of the staff

“Many of the trainees from this program are still employed with Yankee Stadium about ten years later.”

"Not only does she teach us how to be masons, but she gives us principles to live by: integrity, perseverance, preparation,

"Keep up the good work here and let’s see how we can expand this and convince other facilities to do

“Back home, I don’t have too much support. I came on my own, so I don’t have too much support

If you come to Job Corps and are determined to complete a vocation, you can do it. Hard work pays

"We have seen people trained at the Jobs Corps, come out into our local community and do very well."

“I have been going to Celebrate Recovery on this unit. I have truly enjoyed it. I really think that it

P.S.  You guys helped me learn my purpose and gave me insight on my life mission statement.

“They show you the path that you need to take. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I’m at.”

"During my testing, my kids would write me: ‘You can do this, Dad, you can do this. You’re capable of