“I’ve been just on the phone this morning, kind of talking about future plans with Job Corps and talking about

“This is a unit for change. If you really desire change in your life, and you really want to make

Turner Job Corps has over 20 of its heavy equipment students, a part of the International Union of Operating Engineers,

Turner Job Corps has teamed up with Sherwood Baptist Church to help the victims who are still suffering after last

“Cleveland Correctional Center/MTC has a proven rehabilitation program that helps their residents

“These are career opportunities that are ripe for advancement and allow the participants to achieve high-paying jobs.”

“Now its not just a prison. It’s a working community friendship that we have with them, and they’re a huge

A partnership between MTC's Gadsden Correctional Facility in Quincy, Florida and Florida State University empowered incarcerated women to improve their

Watch as Andie Moss, founder and president of The Moss Group, talks about their project, MTC's commitment to serving the

“There is a certain amount of dignity in work…They pay taxes to get jobs with health insurance."

“Words can’t express how grateful I am to Ms. Simms, Ms. McClendon because it’s a passion for them just to

“They come in extremely qualified. Job Corps has a great program where their Excel skills are unmatched."

Pictured are members of the Anne Moody History Project, from left, Emma Taplin, Roscoe Barnes III, Warden Scott Middlebrooks and

“Some of you may be surprised to know that the idea for the Anne Moody Memorial Highway originated in a

“This is the only facility that I have been to, while I have been incarcerated – in other states, in

While the vast majority of construction jobs are held by males, more and more females are entering the industry. And

"There are more jobs than there are people to go around right now.”

"It shows that they're willing to try to change once they've been in here," said Rice. "That's our responsibility here

"When it gets hard and difficult, you want to quit. But you have someone that’s depending on you, so you