For these students, after they complete all the requirements, it brings them one step closer to starting a successful career.

One of the recipients, Rafael Lopez, is a PREA coordinator for Management and Training Corporation (MTC) at the Imperial Regional

“Until I came to Job Corps, I didn’t even know if I was worth it or not."

“He has very good potential because of the fact that he’s more analytical, so he analyses everything.”

"Sit back, relax, and let the sounds of the storybook tickle your membranes and imagination. I love you, son."

When Dillon Austin was a resident at a different correctional institute before being transported to Bridgeport MTC, he was a

MTC Bridgeport correctional center being selected as the 'Corporate Business of the Year'

"From the door to when you leave out, they’re pushing education. And then you already know that Ole Miss, their

The Sanders Estes Unit is a correctional facility in Venus, TX, operated by MTC for the Texas Department of Criminal

This opportunity has made me more motivated to succeed and exceed my expectations of what I thought that I can

“Larry has the heart to see the marginalized and at-risk become leaders and experts in the culinary field."

This is what I’m learning from the offenders, this is the research that’s out here, these are the things I

“It’s really the idea of raising a community and giving them a chance."

2018 was an exciting and fulfilling year for MTC. Did you know we trained more 11,000 students at 27 Job

    Posted: 1:37 PM, Mar 25, 2019 Updated: 2:40 PM, Mar 25, 2019 By: Noëlle Lilley BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The Taft Correctional Institution presented 45 inmates

"Belcan and Job Corps, I would say, it’s kind of cliché, but they saved my life. Because before them, I

“Now that I came here everything is completely different because I’m more focused on my life.”

"And it also helped them to realize that the gifts that they do have can take them a whole lot

“I’ve been just on the phone this morning, kind of talking about future plans with Job Corps and talking about