"Please share the message with all your staff and workers that we appreciate them and their hard work so much."

“If it wasn’t for my sister, I wouldn’t be here today. If she wouldn’t have put me on to this

"I never thought we would have a long-term relationship with this organization, but it’s been incredible."

Inmates from Taft Correctional Institution played some basketball games with members of the Bakersfield Elite basketball team earlier this month.

"And really, we were surprised, the environment was quite peaceful. We observe respect in every moment.”

“This has been a phenomenal program and a great partnership.”

"In Haiti things are hard. You’ve got to be strong. I came here with the right mindset and I came

It shows by the way you run your unit that you really care about us and want us to succeed. 

“I had just finished high school," she explains, "and I was like, ‘I need something else to do with myself.’”

"They’ve been phenomenal as far as support for our community.

"I want everybody to know that even though we're incarcerated, we're not all bad," he said. "We just made bad

Dogs in Kyle are getting another chance at adoption with some help from prison inmates.

“It was exciting to meet working professionals who showed us how we could improve our employability."

"So, it really is a matter, I think, of how you choose to spend your time when you’re in here.

To date, MTC’s technical support has led to the placement of more than 20,000 technical school students in jobs and

"I've long admired the Shriver Job Corp mission," Trahan said after the tour. "It's a great investment in young people

We look forward to our continued relationship with The Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility and know that our community will

“So I just want to say thank you so much, Warden Upshaw, thank you for this opportunity and this privilege

"I was tired of living that type of life," he says.