"Not only are they skilled and qualified, I believe they’re the most skilled and the most qualified."

“Oh, my gosh. It opened up so many doors, from work-based learning, to being in student government, to building up

“To all of the teachers and staff in the education building who come here everyday to try and get us

"One thing I noticed was they seemed to be very happy; the atmosphere doesn’t seem like they’re sad at all.

"And it helps you a lot. It helps you not to stress. It helps you not to get in trouble."

"Now we have a list of detainees wanting to take advantage of this program because they now know it is

"I tried college. College didn’t work for me. I was in minimum-wage jobs. And I wasn’t satisfied

The East Mississippi Correctional Facility set a record for GED graduates for its academic department

Sgt. Willie Ruffin, a transportation supervisor at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility was named Correctional Officer of the Year

Watch Kelsey Murrow as he completes nine months of business training with the Prison Entrepreneurship Program at Sanders Estes Unit

Management & Training Corporation (MTC) applauds the Senate for passing the criminal justice reform legislation, the First Step Act.

“The officer in charge of us is a good person. When we are down he lifts us up. Thank you

“I’m going to be honest with you. From all the candidates that I see, Job Corps is one of the

"I think it is incredibly important that the community knows that, yes, it is a prison, but there are so

"So, I think it’s a lifetime relationship.”

“I would like to say thank you to MTC for support. And I would like to give a thank you

“Job Corps helped me build a career. And it helped me earn good money."

“It actually helps me because it’s a good thing helping the community. You know helping others with what they lost,”

“Hey, I’ve been on a lot of units. This is by far the best unit. Appreciate you, warden.”

“Yes, yes, definitely. I would say this program helped me for the better because I was able to get a