As the moms arrived at the facility for the Mother’s Day event, they were greeted with hugs and music performed

Manhattan Area Habitat For Humanity and Flint Hills Job Corps have teamed up to bring Habitat’s Women Build week to

I just want to recognize the staff at this correctional facility for working hard to change people’s lives and keep

The Kairos volunteers are so grateful to serve at Lockhart where we are welcomed into a very positive environment.

"It’s a learning opportunity for them, which is want we want, and what the students want. So, I appreciate her

“I’ve actually been working with them about two years now. Yea, they have been great, very responsive."

"There are people within these walls that do care of making us better, so that when we do return to

“They’re pretty proud of what I’m doing right now. Dad doesn’t ever stop saying how proud he is, that I’ve

“Whenever we’ve had tours through the facilities, I’ve always been very impressed with how orderly everything is, how clean everything

"MTC is really big on programs. They offer a lot of pre-release programs; they are comprehensive programs," said Ricky Earls,

This is my first time “down” and to be quite honest it took a heavy toll on my mind.

"I know that I’m supposed to be here, this is where I’m supposed to be for the rest of my

“In real life, life is hard. This field is hard. So, I really appreciate everything that he does.”

“I don’t want to become another statistic. And I want to be better than what my parents were and just

“Employers will start beating down our doors…They are needing these folks to be able to come and do more."

“I would definitely, definitely recommend employment to students. This is a great opportunity for them to obtain high wage employment

For these students, after they complete all the requirements, it brings them one step closer to starting a successful career.

One of the recipients, Rafael Lopez, is a PREA coordinator for Management and Training Corporation (MTC) at the Imperial Regional

“Until I came to Job Corps, I didn’t even know if I was worth it or not."

“He has very good potential because of the fact that he’s more analytical, so he analyses everything.”