It’s a win-win situation, program sponsors PAWS of Central Texas says, offering a better chance at adoption for the dogs

"I want to personally thank you for your intervention so she could attend the cosmetology course."

"Limited options of being able to move up in the world," explains Robert, "eventually led me to Job corps for

"We are number one in the country for placement and earnings of our graduates,” he said.

“Going to the Lockheed Martin center, it was like a dream come true.”

“It’s a place that kind of prepares you for re-entry into the world.”

"They come in fully trained with the trade that we need them to come in with ."

“I have spoken with a lot of people who have success stories from Job Corps, and it’s been tremendous.”

"I think they give us plenty of options to try to better ourselves."

“I’m going to miss him when he leaves. I don’t know if you know, but this is Will’s last semester

"They now know that prisons can have positive atmospheres where the focus is on rehabilitation rather than on punishment and

“Well, I chose Job Corps because at home I wasn’t really doing anything. I had a high school diploma. It

“They have various programs, a lot of incentives for all the detainees that they can enjoy. "

“Oh, my gosh. It opened up so many doors, from work-based learning, to being in student government, to building up

“To all of the teachers and staff in the education building who come here everyday to try and get us

"Not only are they skilled and qualified, I believe they’re the most skilled and the most qualified."

"One thing I noticed was they seemed to be very happy; the atmosphere doesn’t seem like they’re sad at all.

"And it helps you a lot. It helps you not to stress. It helps you not to get in trouble."

"Now we have a list of detainees wanting to take advantage of this program because they now know it is