“How Can I Help You?” Meet Imperial’s Sandy Salcido

Sandy Salcido goes through security at the MTC-operated Imperial Regional Detention Facility in Calexico, CA. She’s on her way to work at Imperial, where she’s been for three years. She works directly for the facility administrator, Bill DeRevere.

“Sandy has been absolutely a blessing to me,” he says. “You know, when I got here, you’re coming into a new environment and right off the get-go, she immediately was, ‘Here’s who I am and what can I do to help you out?’”

Imperial Sandy Salcido Still
Bill DeRevere and Sandy Salcido.

For Sandy, the feeling is mutual.

“Honestly, he makes the environment so comfortable for us to work in. It’s just the fact that you feel like you belong.”

“Sandy is one of those people that when you think of a Culture of Caring, that’s what you think of,” Bill says.

“When you take care of the people that you work with, you create an environment that is so happy and so genuine for everybody to just be themselves,” Sandy says. “We all like to say that we’re all a big family.”

Imperial Sandy Salcido Still
Sandy Salcido and fellow staff member.