Career Fair at San Diego Job Corps Excites Students for Their Future Careers

“But definitely if you feel like you’ve been in a situation where life isn’t giving you the best cards and you just really want to hit the ground running and pursue something as far as a passion, or become more social, or in just general want to see a change in your life, come to Job Corps,” says San Diego Job Corps student Leonardo Hernandez.

Job Corps students from all over California descended upon San Diego for a unique job fair hosted by the San Diego Job Corps Center, the National Office of Job Corps, and the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA).

More than 75 students were able to hear from employers connected to the shipbuilding industry. This collaboration between NAVSEA and Job Corps will fill the demands of employers who serve the Navy’s shipbuilding interests and launch careers in the high-demand manufacturing and construction industries.

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San Diego Job Corps career fair.

Leonardo, along with other students, led employers on a tour of the campus.

“As of today, we’re just kind of focusing on the main things and kind of giving them an inside of a little bit of everyone’s life and having some students kind of explain as far as their progress and the things that they’re doing here,” says Leonardo.

“I thought this was a really great establishment. I think that this is a really great opportunity for kids that need a little bit more guidance and structure prior to the workforce,” says Navy Recruiter Elizabeth.

After the tour, students heard from employers about the vast opportunities that await them.

“Basically, we’re just looking for people that are hungry, that want to learn, that want to join an organization that cares about them, and people who want to move up and stay with us for a long time,” says Nathan Altig of Crest Steel.

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Job Corps students.

“We’ve come to see what’s offered, you know, what the training curriculum consists of. We’re always in need of people,” says Bill Borinski of the Shipbuilders Association.

Not only were students from San Diego fortunate to meet with these employers, Job Corps students from all California centers attended.

“What I really like about Job Corps is that they get you connections with people in the workforce so you know what it’s like and then that way when you get out, you can use those skills to relate to the workforce,” says Los Angeles Job Corps student Jaymani Poole.

“Being here, it’s just one of the steps forward. I’m very happy to be here. I’m very excited to go out there and talk to the tables and see what’s happening because there’s so much opportunity, and not even in the world, right here where we’re standing right now,” says Los Angeles Job Corps student Tedis Duntavs Saunders.

San Diego Job Corps career fair.

Shipbuilding career opportunities are abundant for Job Corps graduates.

“I think for me what really stood out was that they focus on soft skills,” says Carlos Cervantes of General Dynamics NASSCO. “A lot of more of the trades and technical programs, soft skills are needed as much as a technical skill, so that was one thing that definitely stood out that Job Corps does have a specific focus on developing their soft skills.”