At Atterbury Job Corps, It’s All About the Students

At Atterbury Job Corps Center in Edinburgh, Indiana, students and facility leadership recently gathered for a meeting with corporate MTC staff.

Why have this meeting if it’s not for a graduation, groundbreaking, or unveiling? Because simply, it’s about MTC leaders genuinely caring about the work we do.

Senior Vice President of Education & Training Jeff Barton and Vice President of MTC’s Job Corps Western Region Steve Fuller visited with staff and students at the Atterbury and IndyPendence centers in Indiana.

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate each one of you and the work that you do here on center,” says Steve Fuller.

Atterbury Job Corps Center.

“Making center visits or having center oversight visits is a lot different from being on Teams and Zoom,” says Jeff Barton.

MTC knows the value of seeing firsthand the great work our teams are doing in the field.

“We need to be at the centers to actually interface with staff who are doing the job every day with students who are in class,” says Jeff. “And really, to have a full face-to-face assessment with, or on, ‘How is MTC performing at the center?’”

Atterbury Job Corps students and MTC staff.

Part of the visit included a meaningful sit-down with a group of students.

“Are we doing the right things in the cafeteria, in the dormitories, in the rec areas, in the classrooms, in the shops?” asks Jeff. “How are the students feeling? What do they like about the center? What don’t they like about the center?”