Bluebonnet’s Small Acts of Kindness Have Large Impacts On Its Community

“We’re grateful that MTC is here and the compassion they have on the folks they are responsible for, not only the detainees but as well as their employees and anybody they come into contact with,” says Jones County Judge Dale Spurgin.

MTC has been a part of the Anson, Texas, community since 2019 when the Bluebonnet Detention Center was opened. The Bluebonnet Detention Center is a 1000-bed capacity facility under contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In the time that Bluebonnet has been open, the facility has striven to become a part of the community.

“The leadership that’s out there and the professionalism that is displayed, and the efforts to reach out – they’re not isolated,” explains Judge Spurgin. “They don’t just go to work and go home. They’re involving themselves in this area and this community.”

Bluebonnet Community Partnership Still
Bluebonnet Detention Facility.

“As far as the Bluebonnet facility, when the city asks them for support in backing for whatever the city is doing – whether it comes to our birthday party, whether it comes to our party in the park for our community – they are the first in line to support us 100 percent,” says Anson City Manager Sonny Campbell.

“They show up. A lot of times when the city gets support from a company, you get their support, you get their check, but you don’t see their face. With the Bluebonnet facility, you see their faces. You see them participate and enjoy what we’re doing and what they supported,” Sonny continues.

Bluebonnet Community Partnership Still
Sonny Campbell, Anson city manager.

For the last few years, Bluebonnet has sponsored a softball tournament involving surrounding law enforcement agencies, along with community organizations. Much to their chagrin, the facility has yet to win the tournament.

“Their baseball team needs to be a little bit better,” jokes Judge Spurgin. “But they are working on that. But, we have hopes for them that they might achieve something someday in that area.”

The tournament includes a traveling trophy. For now, it’s proudly displayed in the city building.

“So, the city of Anson won the whole tournament and we have the trophy this year,” Sonny brags. “And we make it a point to rub it in.”

While the facility figures out a way to improve its softball team, Facility Administrator

Steve Mora reflects on how much support the community has shown towards the facility from the beginning.

“The community kind of spoiled me from day one. They actually help me in so many ways that I don’t think I personally could ever repay them back. I’ve been spoiled because the whole community has been super supportive of Bluebonnet Detention Center.”

Bluebonnet Community Partnership Still
Steve Mora, facility administrator.

“We’re very lucky,” Sonny says. “And we’re glad they’re here.”