Improving Thousands of Lives in Egypt Through Workforce Development Training

Linking Africa with the Middle East, Egypt is home to nearly 100 million people. MTC was hired in 2015 to bring its decades of experience in workforce development to improve the country’s technical secondary education.

The USAID project known as WISE or the Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement is operated in partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of Education and Technical Education and the Ministry of Local Development.

The goal is to enhance Egypt’s technical training to meet the needs of the job market. The project has benefited students and teachers in technical schools as well as the private sector.

Over the first three years of the project, MTC trained more than 1,400 technical secondary school teachers who in turn trained another 7,800 of their fellow teachers. MTC also developed new curricula in logistics and renewable energy.

To date, MTC’s technical support has led to the placement of more than 20,000 technical school students in jobs and more than 12,000 students in internships with private companies.

MTC was also charged with helping the private sector recruit, retrain and retain employees. Working with 16 Egyptian companies, during the first three years of the project they collectively saw an average 47.6 percent improvement in employee retention rates.

MTC is working in 60 schools throughout 11 of the country’s governorates. In addition, MTC is bringing together Egyptian organizations and government entities to identify policies and approaches to improve labor market efficiencies.

We look forward to extending our opportunity in Egypt and impacting more young people’s lives.