MTC’s Egypt Project Helping Students Turn their Ideas into Reality

MTC’s Egypt Project Helping Students Turn their Ideas into Reality

MTC’s project in Egypt is in its third year and is going very well. So far, thousands of young Egyptians have received technical and career training thanks to the USAID-funded WISE project which stands for Workforce Improvement and Skills Enhancement. MTC is helping these students gains the skills they need to be successful in the workforce. 

MTC recently took its project to the next level by introducing “innovation clubs” at 24 schools in Egypt. These clubs provide a forum for students to collaborate with each other in creating innovative, entrepreneurial projects and to develop real prototypes. 

Deputy Director of MTC’s workforce development project in Egypt Mohamed Fawzy (photo left) met with the USAID/Egypt Mission Director (photo right) to explain the concept of innovations clubs and how these clubs will help propel students from the classroom to the workforce. 

Along with the formal entrepreneurship curricula that MTC has helped launch in the schools, the innovation clubs serve as a mechanism to further foster entrepreneurial ideas for new business.

Rannia Gamal Mohamed Donkol, 19, is in the air conditioning and cooling program at Mohamed Saleh Harb Advanced Technical School in Aswan. She said,

“No one took our innovation seriously, until the USAID/WISE Project and MTC provided us a seven-day Boot Camp training to enhance our prototypes for implementation before the inauguration of the innovation clubs at Aswan governorate in February. Providing us with guidance and mentoring by entrepreneurship experts was a priceless opportunity to enhance our performance. WISE’s Eng. Wael Sabry, entrepreneurship developer, assisted us in improving our prototype for an electrophoresis refrigerator and a electrophoresis heater which could be connected to a mobile application. We learned the value of time and how to improve my prototype on the hands of well-known experts. We are ready and looking forward to participate in the Entrepreneurship Competition (NAWAH competition).”