MTC Celebrates 40 Years of Service by Helping to Feed the Hungry

In celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary, MTC facilities are doing all they can to battle hunger in their communities.

Alamogordo Public Schools in New Mexico were one of many organizations to benefit from MTC’s service project.

“We just want to thank the Otero County Prison today for providing so many boxes of food here for us to give to our families,” says Lisa Patch who is the executive director of health services for Alamogordo Public Schools. “There’s such a great need.”

Otero I hunger
Otero County Prison Facility Hunger Project

So far, MTC facilities have donated more than 30,000 items of food to dozens of food banks, charities, schools, and other organizations around the country.

Several media outlets picked up on the story.

Everyone pitched in including Otero County Prison Facility Warden Rick Martinez who joined other staff to deliver food to local families in need.

At the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, staff and residents went to work. One of the resident housing units gave $1,200 of their own money to buy food. Three charities were the happy recipients: Feed by Faith, Love’s Kitchen, and Wesley House.

“We’re happy to do this to help the community,” says Deputy Warden of Programs Ray Rice. “That’s what MTC does.”

East Miss hunger
East Mississippi Correctional Facility Hunger Project

“Thank you,” adds Fanny Thompson of Love’s Kitchen. “And the fact that you could inspire the inmates to help too, that shows what kind of organization you are running.”

“The food that you bring us is well needed and well used. And we certainly appreciate that,” says David Schultz from Wesley House.

The Otero County Processing Center in New Mexico hosted a food drive attended by State Representative Willie Madrid.

“I think for the first time, it was a great turnout,” says Representative Madrid. “We had over 50+ people come by and pick up food. I think it goes to the efforts of our people, such as MTC, out there in Otero County who step up to help us all the time in our community…I say thank you to MTC for helping our families here in the community of Chaparral.”

At Atterbury Job Corps, they planted 40,000 square feet of vegetables and fruits. The fresh produce will go to local food pantries. The nearby IndyPendence center donated non-perishable food to local charities.

Garden Asparagus
Atterbury Job Corps Center

The El Valle Detention Facility in Southern Texas called their project “a thousand pounds of happiness” collecting and delivering hundreds of boxes of cereal to local children.

Staff at Earle C. Clements Job Corps participated in the stuff the bus food drive.

In Astoria, Oregon, Tongue Point Job Corps collected thousands of cans and bottles to raise money to feed the hungry. This is video of staff delivering food to local senior citizens.

LA hunger
Los Angeles Job Corps

Watch the video to see photos from many other MTC projects.

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We thank all our staff and community partners for helping us strengthen our communities this year in celebration of MTC’s 40 years of changing lives. At the beginning of the year, we focused on literacy. As you saw, our hunger project has been a success. Next, we’ll help to bring awareness to mental health. And at the end of the year, we’ll help to fight homelessness. Happy 40th anniversary, MTC!