Hear from Employers: Why Do They Appreciate Job Corps?

Job Corps changes the lives of 16-24-year-old young people every day. We spoke to businesspeople about Job Corps, and they had a lot to say.

Kathleen McIntire, of Kaiser Permanente sees the value of Job Corps graduates. “I feel very blessed to work with Job Corps. Every student they have provided to us has been top notch, they have been above the line ready and prepared to come in and work.”

Kaiser photo
Kathleen McIntire, Kaiser Permanente

Tajma Hall, Employment Specialist in New York appreciates the great potential of young people who graduate Job Corps.

“I just feel that it’s a great opportunity for youth, who maybe are not sure where they want to be and exactly what they want to do. Job Corps is a great place to get them doing something constructive, and just figure out what it is they want to do long term.”

Karell Barrett, from Fire Services and Guards Company in New York, has worked with impressive Job Corps graduates.“They give us awesome students that we can employ here with our company. They come in fully trained with trade knowledge we need them to come in with.”

Ryan Watson of Belcan Engineering expressed interest in hiring Job Corps graduates. “This is going to be a flow of resources for us going forward. Were always looking for new, young talent that we can bring in and develop from the ground up.”

Conn photo engineering
Ryan Watson, Belcan Engineering

Patty Garcia, Store Manager at CVS, knows Job Corps graduates’ value. “These students are eager, they come with a resume. They come in prepared, and so far the experience has been phenomenal.”

Vivian Scott, Recruiting, Agilant Solutions INC supports the life-changing program. “I think Job Corps is a good program and I think it should continue.”