MTC Senior Vice President Jeff Barton: The Future of Job Corps is Bright

Today’s story is an update from Senior Vice President Jeff Barton.

Jeff began his remarks by emphasizing the bright future ahead for Job Corps. “Job Corps is open, and we’re stronger than ever. Our onboard strength, our student population, needs your help and support. There are thousands of Job Corps-aged students across the country that need to be at our centers, so let’s help spread the word and get our centers full with young people who have a bright future.”

Job Corps student graduation

Next, Jeff underlined new MTC Job Corps contracts.
“Here at MTC, we’re also happy to announce contract awards at the Tulsa and New Orleans Job Corps centers with our small business partners.”

Jeff set the stage for continued excellence. “I enjoy traveling to the Job Corps Centers and seeing you and your departments and all the innovative practices you’ve done at your centers. Nothing is more exciting than sitting down and talking to students and hearing their stories and plans for the future. They’re so well-spoken. They’re so energized. They’re so excited to obtain their high school diploma or GED, complete their trade and go to work into the military, apprenticeships, college, or advanced training.”Finally, he expressed gratitude.

“Thank you for what you do. Thank you for taking care of the students attending MTC Centers and ensuring they have a bright future. Please keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon at your center.”

Job Corps students