Leading the Next Generation Through Job Corps

Job Corps is the country’s largest job training and education program. It’s provided at no cost to low-income individuals between 16 and 24 years old. This program gives young people the experience and skills they need to start a life-changing career. MTC leaders believe in the opportunities available through Job Corps.
Melissa Tran, Center Director, Woodstock Job Corps, appreciates seeing students unlock their full potential.

“Job Corps empowers students to take control of their lives and launch into a place where they will oversee what happens next in their lives. And that’s my favorite part of the program.”

Melissa Tran
Melissa Tran, Center Director, Woodstock Job Corps 

This program is all about students’ future, according to Reginald Porter, Site Director of the Indypendence Job Corps Center. “Job Corps is here for the students. It’s so important they take advantage of this great program. So, they can progress in life and have a better future.”
Gratitude is part of the motivation for Ellen May, Center Director at the Hawaii Job Corps Center.
“I’m fortunate to work with the student of the Hawaii Job Corps and the staff as well. I believe in this program, and it’s life-changing for staff and students.”
The results are clear—Job Corps changes lives, per Tom Fitzwater, Center Director of the Los Angeles Job Corps Center. “The job Corps program has been around for a while and has been proven successful. We deal with young adults. We know how to reach them, help them, and help them with whatever they need for their training.”


Kim Zufelt, Center Director Tongue Point Job Corps, is motivated by seeing students reach new heights. “There is a reason that it’s been so successful for so many years. And if a student takes advantage of everything in the program they will succeed. They will have that successful long life that they want.”

Kim scrnshot
Kim Zufelt, Center Director, Tongue Point Job Corps

The Job Corps program is about seizing excellent opportunities, Mel Gains, Center Director, Brunswick Job Corps, stated. “It is so important for the students to take advantage of the Job Corps program. For many of them, it is their last chance, so they should take advantage of it. And hopefully, they will become great citizens and successful employees.”
Finally, leading students starts with believing in yourself, indicated Dr. Shauntee Byron, Center Director at the Brooklyn Job Corps Center. “I really believe in Job Corps, and I really believe in our students. I think Job Corps is an amazing program that has been around for many years. And I have seen many positive transformations in the lives of the students. And It’s great!”