Job Corps Leaders: Motivation For the Next Generation

For today’s story, we hear from Job Corps leadership about why they enjoy working in a program that helps thousands of students nationwide.

“Students are so lucky to have job corps, and it’s my job to help them along that process,” said Marshall Norman, site director at the Maui Job Corps Center.

Dr. Shauntee Bryon, center director at the Brooklyn Job Corps Center, enjoys participating in and observing student growth. “Our students are so lucky to have this program. It does a positive, amazing thing in their lives, and I’m also grateful that I can be a part of that journey in their lives.”

Dr Shauntee Byrom
Dr Shauntee Byron, center director, Brooklyn Job Corps

“Watching our students learn and grow is why we work at Job Corps,” said  Rocky Flanary, Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center Director. “Seeing their success, hard work, and effort pay off is exactly why we like to work there. ”

David Baker, Center Director at the Westover Job Corps Center, appreciates seeing so many student dreams become realities. “Job Corps is the right place for students. We’re here to help them be successful. I want them to get and keep good jobs. It’s a great place for them to get opportunities they don’t usually get in other places. A place for them to succeed where they haven’t been able to succeed before.”

Edison Job Corps Center Director Ashton Stripling shared enthusiastic optimism for his chance to watch young people succeed. “First of all, I am lucky to work with Job Corps students. I love my students. I am a testament to the Job Corps program, and I often tell my students that seeing is believing. If I can do it, you can do it.”

Edison CD
Ashton Stripling, center director, Edison Job Corps

Renee Wolf, center director at the Atterbury Job Corps Center, appreciates seeing young people reach new personal heights. “Our students learn. They change. They embark on new opportunities. I enjoy and love what I do with Job Corps.”

Finally, Kristen Benson, center director at the Wind River Job Corps Center, loves to see daily student advancements and achievements. “Watching our students grow and become the best version of themselves is probably the biggest reward you could ever receive.”