Job Corps Leadership Inspires Students to Succeed

Strong leaders are needed to lead the next generation. Today we hear inspirational words from MTC Job Corps leadership.

Ellen May is the center director at Hawaii Job Corps. “Staff members are the heart of the Job Corps program. And they are truly the reason why students see so many successes, we couldn’t do it without them. So, its incredibly important that we invest in our team and make sure we provide the resources that they need to be successful.”

Hawaii JCC
Ellen May, center director, Los Angeles Job Corps

Los Angeles Job Corps Center Director Tom Fitzwater underlines the importance for leaders to find the right staff. “Staff are the components that really make Job Corps successful. Whenever I’m doing interviews, I always look to find that person that has the right heart and that’s who I hire, because they will fit in to the Job Corps program. And they care about our students and help them become successful.”

Reginald Porter, site director, Independence Job Corps enjoys seeing young people succeed. “Job Corps is very rewarding, its more than just a job. And seeing students’ progress is great.”

The right job gets you out of bed and ready to lead, according to Melissa Tran, center director, Woodstock Job Corps.

“If you’re looking for a job where you’re going to love getting up in the morning and going to work, and knowing that your going to make a difference. Job Corps is the place to be. I is never a dull moment, it is fun, every single day something happens that going to make you feel great about coming to work.”

Kim Zufelt, center director, Tongue Point Job Corps believes in helping young people improve their lives. “Job Corps Staff make the difference. They are a essential piece of a students success and growth.”

Ashton Stripling, center director, Edision Job Corps has a positive attitude. his perspective helps him lead students to new heights. “Job Corps is a great place to work. I love working with the students and interacting with the student’s day in and day out.  There here to help change lives. That’s why I personally enjoy working at Job Corps. The staff has a great attitude, and they care about them. I always say, each one teach one. Each on reach one.”

Dr. Shauntee Byron, center director, Brooklyn Job Corps, enjoys the power of Job Corps student achievement. “Job Corps staff make a difference in the lives of the students that we serve.”

DR bryon photo
Dr. Shauntee Byron, Center Director, Brooklyn Job Corps