Kayla’s Bright Future Began at Sierra Nevada Job Corps

It’s a story about a new path with a lasting positive impact. For this story, we follow Kayla Ybaria for her earliest days enrolled at the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Center.

Kayla had an immediate positive Job Corps experience.

“I got here yesterday, and they made me feel welcome. They took me around the center and showed me around. They took me to my dorm and showed me everything in there. They showed me where the cafeteria is and just around everywhere on the campus.”

Stills Kayla Ybaria
Kayla Ybaria, Student, SNJC

Concerns about her new enviornment were quickly resolved.

“I was a little nervous when I first got here, but now I feel more comfortable now. And I’m starting to know people a little bit and I like it here.”

Lamont Hall, career preparation supervisor at Sierra Nevada Job Corps enstills confidence in his students. Lamont tells students he believes in them and knows they believe in themselves.

He’s a powerful leader who helps to transform lives. For Kayla, he provided important words of encouragement.

“Mr. Hall made me feel so welcome and told me to keep trying.”

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Kayla Ybaria, Student, SNJC