The Impact of MTC’s Education and Training Programs Around the World

MTC is making a big difference in Egypt, helping young men and women in the country be better prepared for the job market. CEO Scott Marquardt and President Dan Marquardt recently joined Vice President Greg Niblett on a visit to MTC’s Workforce Egypt Project in Cairo.

IATS Scott Dan Visit SHORT VERSION Still
IATS students.

In partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development, USAID, MTC works with the Egypt Ministry of Education and Technical Education to support and enhance the training at 83 schools in the country’s Secondary Technical Education System.

One of the components of the project is the launch of ten specialized International Applied Technical Schools, known as IATS. MTC leaders visited multiple IATS schools, including El Sewedy, Square One Induction Camp, and the Diefalla Ivy School. Each seeks to provide students with the skills necessary to meet the needs of their local economy.

The El Sewedy school focuses primarily on training students in software development and programing, a key need for El Sewedy and numerous other firms in Egypt. At the Square One Induction Camp, they’re focused on curriculum development, instructor training, extracurricular activities for students, and school governance. For the Diefalla Ivy School, it’s all about STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math.

IATS Scott Dan Visit SHORT VERSION Still
IATS students.

At each of these IATS schools, students can improve their English language skills through various classes. There’s also a strong emphasis on arts, including music, drama, painting, and drawing. Students are also encouraged to participate in various activities and games to strengthen their social and teamwork skills.

MTC leaders also made their way to the MTC office in Cairo and met with our international MTC employees, those who are making the workforce Egypt Project so successful. The visit included a presentation by the senior members of the Workforce Egypt Team on the three technical components of the program.

  1. First, strengthening technical schools.
  2. Second, engaging the private sector for employment placement, retention, and retraining, as well as their involvement in establishing consistent training standards.
  3. And third, encouraging greater emphasis on technical education that focuses on policies for labor efficiency and local business development.

Overall, the trip highlighted MTC’s commitment to technical education and the development of youth showing the global reach of MTC’s important work.