NEWS: Hudson’s Flood Wall Stands Tall Ready for the Worst


Casper, Wyoming

Job Corps students continue re-enforcing Hudson’s flood wall.

The great flood wall of Hudson protects a large portion of Hudson but more erosion foundation work is needed.

Scott Belschner International Union of Operating Engineers,
“We’re putting the rocks along the bank of the river for when it floods or when the water raises up so it doesn’t erode the bank away anymore than it already has at the end of the wall, they can’t take the wall any further so they’re putting rocks there at the end.”

Amber Knight, Job Corps Heavy Machinery student told News 13, “Well right now we’re laying rocks in the river right now trying to prevent the flooding, getting ready, helping out Hudson, we did Lander, just out here helping the community.”

These boulders mixed with sandbags and a special fabric will hopefully keep flood waters from escaping the river channel.

Just the rocks will be exposed to the creek and there’s filter fabric underneath to keep the dirt from eroding behind the rocks, just the rocks will keep the bank from washing out anymore.

“Although disaster relief may not be what Job Corps heavy machinery students thought they’d be learning many have been helping with flood prevention for a month and say it’s been a positive experience.”

“Doing disaster relief actually involves a lot of heavy equipment because we got to be able to move all these rocks and lay them where they need to be put and then we need to load sand into the bays up there and do sandbags.”

“This is something they could be doing in real life situation you know and it’s good for them to get out here and see how it works and they were working with another contractor here helping them out so they actually got to see how other people work.”

The great flood wall of Hudson is 800 feet long.

Although you will see some rivers rise this week due to rain; Meteorologists say there’s very little chance for mountain snow melt to cause a flood this week.