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With a wealth of experience as a leader in the operation of Job Corps centers for the U.S. Department of Labor, MTC began operating correctional facilities for federal, state, and county agencies 26 years ago.  With a focus on rehabilitation through education, MTC is the third largest operator of private adult correctional facilities. See Corrections At-a-Glance

Corrections Overview

Since 1987, MTC has been a leader in the management and operation of private correctional facilities. MTC is the third largest operator of private adult correctional facilities. The 5,579-employee division also provides inmate medical and dental care through its MTC Medical contracts.

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Performance Results

MTC recognizes the importance of corrections performance accountability through standardized measurements. The recognized industry leaders for measuring quality corrections performance are the American Correctional Association (ACA) and the Correctional Education Association (CEA). MTC-operated facilities work hard to obtain accreditation by these organizations. These accreditation demonstrate a company's proficiency in operating correctional facilities and in providing educational opportunities within a corrections setting.

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MTC Keys to Success

MTC has identified six keys to operating successful correctional facilities: strong management, well-trained staff, safe and secure facilities, a holistic approach to preparing offenders for re-entry, attainment of industry-recognized standards and accreditation, solid customer, government, and community partnerships.

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Social Responsibility Programs

MTC is committed to ensuring the highest standard of social responsibility at our corporate, facility, and project locations. We have set expectations for volunteerism in communities where we do business and for employing environmentally-sound "green" practices at our facilities. MTC has also established health and wellness programs for employees and clients, and has developed a fatherhood workshop for our employees, students, offenders, and clients to gain a better understanding of the significant role fathers play in child development.

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