How Did You Learn About Job Corps? Carlos Mendoza Shares His Unique Story

Twenty-three years ago, Carlos Mendoza, at age 21, had his high school diploma and a car. Plus, he was in college. But college wasn’t quite for him.

“I didn’t feel it,” he says. “I didn’t feel it going to college. This is not for me.”

One day in the college cafeteria, a young lady caught his attention, so he decided to go over and say hi.

“I figured I would come up to her and say, ‘How are you doing?’ I introduced myself, and she started to talk to me about going to college. [She was] taking some nursing courses and going to Job Corps. And that’s how I found out about it.”

And he’s super glad he did.

“It was the greatest decision I ever made.”

Stills Carlos
Carlos Mendoza’s business van.

He worked hard at Edison Job Corps for about 18 months getting an education and getting certifications. Now Carlos has his own plumbing company.

“I’m a local plumber in the New Jersey area,” Carlos says. “We do great. I’m happy with the customers I have.”

Carlos says the program is his foundation for success. “It’s a great path for people who don’t know what to do with their life, who don’t want to go to college and spend the money. Take advantage of the program – it’s free. Stay here – you get to live here for free. So, I’m here to inspire people to learn something. Whatever it is you want to learn, [you can learn] through Job Corps.”