Job Corps Really Matters!

Job Corps really works – and we’re not just saying that! Take a look at what Job Corps instructors and employers have to say about the importance of the program.


Beth Schultz – Employer, Bat View Urgent Care

“The hands-on [training] here is so important. I think it’s a very worthwhile program, yeah, absolutely, especially for those who don’t have those resources to put themselves through school.”


Jackie Townsend – Job Corps Bricklayer Instructor

“Seeing them come in very green, not just about the trade but about themselves, and to see them leave feeling more positive about themselves, as well as being positive about the work they’re going to go out and produce in their career is very gratifying.”

STILLS Christian Abacan
Job Corps student.


Lamont Hall – Job Corps Career Preparation Instructor

“I like to think that I’m a coach and I’m coaching these people to be successful.”


Jody Hartley – Job Corps Automotive Instructor

“My favorite part of the job is when I see that ‘A-Ha!’ moment; when the light bulb goes off and they put two and two together and they make four.”


Louie Shapiro – Employer, Restaurateur

“The students are trained well, and they’re prepared for the outside hospitality world.”

Stills Brooklyn Community
Job Corps students.


Rozi Demirtchian – Employer, KECK Medicine

“These kids showed up with such eagerness and that willingness to learn and give back and I just want to support those types of individuals. They’re always well-behaved, well-mannered.”


Patty Garcia – Employer, CVS

“[Job Corps students] are so eager to work and are eager to develop themselves.”


Marko Lynch – Employer, Unique Tile & Marble

“All these kids that are there just need a chance, and Job Corps is there giving them what they ask for.”

Still Jaleel
Job Corps student.


Summer Williams – Job Corps Graduate & Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor

“If you are ready for a life-experiencing change to better your life, then come to Job Corps.”