Author Inspires Men at Marana to Look Inward

An author and doctor recently shared his insights about rehabilitation with men at MTC’s Arizona State Prison-Marana.

Dr. James Doty is the author of ‘Into the Magic Shop-A neurosurgeon’s quest to discover the mysteries of the brain and the secrets of the heart’. His book was featured in the facility book club, and he donated several copies to the men.

“I just want to say what a great experience it was to spend part of the day here at MTC Marana,” said Dr. Doty. 

Dr. Doty spoke to the men about how compassion can open hearts and transform lives.

“Knowledge is key,” said Lee Mankel, following Dr. Doty’s presentation.  “Efforts in showing us to find a path in correct form takes a lot of weight off our backs.”

“One of the questions I asked was ‘why here?’,” added Omar Alvarado, also serving time at Marana.  “Out of all the places he could’ve gone, all the universities—he’s a well-recognized doctor—and he decided to visit us. That’s just a great blessing, a great opportunity from his part, and the answer that he gave me was, he just simply said, ‘because we needed it’.”

Dr. Doty spoke of his experience at the facility. “Being here today reminds me each of us has within them the ability to inspire, to motivate, to change.  To not only change our own lives, but to change the lives of those around us.”

Raymond Rama said, “I thought it was great that Dr. Doty came out here to take his time to try to inspire us. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I get here at MTC, and hopefully everybody else can try to use them to their advantage as well.”