Bridgeport Correctional Center Having Impact on Many Lives

Bridgeport Correctional Center Having Impact on Many Lives

MTC’s Bridgeport Correctional Center in Texas provides incarcerated men with a variety of programs to help them overcome addictions and to put their lives on a path to success. Below are quotes from men who have benefited from the facility’s GED and music programs.

“The GED program at Bridgeport has a lot to offer if you are willing to learn. The program gives offenders the ability to advance their knowledge. The teachers really care about their students and their advancement. In today’s world, a GED can benefit ex-offenders in many ways. I am very thankful for the opportunity for this program and look forward to getting my GED. ” ~Scotty Ussery  

“The GED program has been really outstanding for me in many ways; for one reason it has helped me get ready for the outside environment. I have learned how to have better communication with others…It is really good learning.” ~John DeLaRosa                                     

“The music program here at Bridgeport is a very positive program, and it has a very calming and peaceful effect on me and my surroundings. The music is truly a blessing to me, and it gives me a sense of belonging, keeps me occupied, and well planted on solid ground…This music has helped me become a more positive and better person.” ~Tony Rodriguez