Community Leader Expresses Gratitude for East Mississippi’s Commitment to Rehabilitation

As part of its association with the community, the East Mississippi Correctional Facility works with an authority board which meets regularly and determines ways they can support the operation of the facility. Fred Rogers, a business executive for nearby Rush Foundation Hospital, is a member of the board.

“We interact with MTC,” he explains, “in seeing that those things which we can help MTC accomplish.”

The board provides help and support in meeting the physical needs of the facility, becoming an invaluable resource and partner.

Warden Frank Shaw

Frank Shaw is the East Mississippi warden.  “They’ve been at the facility several times for meetings, they’ve walked through the facility, they understand what we do here as a facility.”

Mr. Rogers explained his long-time association with the facility board.

Fred Rogers, Authority Board Member

“I had the honor of being appointed to the board nine or ten years ago. MTC was appointed to take over this location—which has been a huge improvement. They are a good corporate citizen, and the people that are here now are more attuned, in my opinion, to the well-being of the inmates that are here. The programs that they offer are exceptional.”

“So we work in cooperation with the board and with the facility,” Warden Shaw explains, “and it’s a real nice partnership. I think that in good times and in bad, they’re going to be on our side and willing to help us when we really need it.”

Mr. Rogers is impressed with the overall operation of the facility.

“Well, I would like to say that right now the staffing here, the people that are here, from the warden on down, truly, in my mind, have an interest in the inmates and their well-being, as well as helping them get back into society and live a normal life after their incarceration here.”