County Judge in Texas Says MTC’s Dalby Facility is Part of the Family

The Giles W. Dalby Correctional Facility is proud to be a part of the Post, Texas community in Garza County. 

“Our mission goes just beyond safety and security of the institution and taking care of inmates and meeting expectations from our customer,” says Warden Stephen McAdams. “We weave ourselves into the fabric of these communities and become part family in a certain way. Especially with this institution, us being open and operational for going on twenty years.”

Staff members seek opportunities to serve in the area and enable the facility to be a good corporate citizen.

“The efforts that the prison operators contribute to our community is hugely significant,” says Garza County Judge Lee Norman…”just the impact they have on the community in purchasing, in one respect, but also contributing in so many unseen ways, as the community may have a need. Just our regular fundraising efforts, and various things. Our operators are always there, supporting, in one way or another. And so, that’s very impactful.”

The Giles W. Dalby facility, in turn, feels the tremendous support from the community. Something the value of which is immeasurable in the climate of today’s discussion of contract prison management. Some community supporters, like Judge Norman, are in a position to invite public officials and other stakeholders to take a closer look at Dalby, sometimes even arranging a tour to help shed light on the facility operation.

“We have a lot of individuals, and we’ve talked about it many times, telling our story. The problem is they’re telling the incorrect story. They’re ill-informed, or it’s an intentional mistruth. So, it’s important that we have these individuals out here to say, ‘hey, this is what we do, this is how we do it, this is what we’re about’, so when you hear those things, we ask you for support, you can say ‘oh yeah, I remember you, I toured Dalby. I’ve seen it. I’ve watched the staff. I know the sanitation level that they operate under. I’ve talked with their customer. I know what their expectations are and how they meet them.’”

“This is home. What would you do for your home if you had the opportunity?,” explains Judge Norman. “You’d do anything you could. And that’s really what this is about. And that’s what the prison facility and all the employees have become. They’re part of this home. So, we’re proud of that.”

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