Henderson, Texas Area Leaders Talk about MTC’s Commitment to Strengthening their Community

MTC operates three correctional facilities in the Henderson, Texas area: East Texas Treatment Facility, Bradshaw State Jail, and Billy Moore Correctional Center.  Several community leaders in the region talked about their partnerships with the prisons and MTC’s commitment to strengthening the community.

Buzz Fullen, Henderson City Mayor: “You have these pre-meetings, open meetings, where you discuss there’s a prison coming into the city, a prison coming into the county or the neighborhood. ‘What’s going to be the impact?’ You have all these questions, things that come up. Those questions really needed not be asked. Nothing ever happened, except a good business was in town. Period. There’s never been a question since these facilities were built. Which tells me that they’re perfect. All they do is help the economy, and they help the city, and they help the county.”


Bonnie Geddie, Henderson Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director: “MTC, Management & Training Corporation has always been good partners with the Chamber and this community. They help the Chamber in so many different ways.”




Charles Cunningham, Overton City Manager: “They’ve been more than generous in their time and effort and everything that they’ve been providing to us.”




Jeannie Barber, Overton/New London Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President: “I can’t say enough about their attitude, not only toward the Chamber, but just towards the community.”




Joel Hale, Rusk County Judge: “When MTC first opened Bradshaw, they had a tremendous impact, positive impact on the community from the standpoint of helping with facilities, helping the school district, helping boy’s baseball, helping the county. And they have continued that. They have always been an integral part of the community, being involved in the community, and trying to help wherever they can.”



Bonnie Geddie: “We also tour that facility and give an insight to the outside community, what actually goes on at Management Training.  A lot of people don’t understand, and so I think it’s very vital to get that information out.  There are so many outreach programs, that they are rehabilitating people to give them a second chance, or maybe even a third chance.”

Joel Hale: “MTC hasn’t been anything but a positive for this community, as far as I’m concerned.”

Charles Cunningham: “They have been very responsive to whatever we’ve asked them to do.”

Jeannie Barber: “Now it’s not just a prison. It’s a working community friendship that we have with them, and they’re a huge part of our community. And we’re so blessed to have them.”

About East Texas Treatment Facility

East Texas Treatment Facility is accredited by the American Correctional Association—
achieving 100% compliance for both mandatory and non-mandatory standards in
its most recent audit. Other accreditations and certifications include the Correctional
Education Association and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).