Men at the Cleveland Facility Explain How they Earned Their GED

Men at the Cleveland Facility Explain How they Earned Their GED

For the GED class graduation held at MTC’s Cleveland Correctional Center, Philip Steen was named valedictorian, and Juan Medina, salutatorian. Both men, excited by their accomplishment, penned letters, thanking the facility.

Philip Steen expressed overcoming his self-doubt and believing that he was capable of passing the GED exam.

“When I came to the Cleveland Unit, I was thinking what could I do to pass my time. I was always fearful of trying to get my GED. So, with over six years in the system, I never tried. But once I got into the class, I was committed to giving it my all. My teacher helped me on the things I needed help with and after three weeks, I passed all of the tests. I know that if I could pass the GED there is more education that I should pursue to better my life.  I’m glad I did the first step to even try to accomplish my GED.”

Juan Medina explained the effectiveness of the instruction.

“Attaining my GED in the Cleveland Correctional Center was really simple for me. I woke up early to go to class everyday. Our teacher instructed the class and helped us understand the lessons he was teaching. Once he knew I was ready, he signed me up for a practice test to make sure I would ace the GED. I was successful in passing my GED and was awarded a salutatorian certificate!”





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