New Private Prison Trade Organization Created to Set the Record Straight

New Private Prison Trade Organization Created to Set the Record Straight

In the 1980s, the federal government turned to the private sector to help deal with overcrowding and poor conditions in prisons. Companies responded by building and operating new facilities that were safe, secure, and more conducive to rehabilitation efforts. The partnership continued over the years and expanded into detention services for Immigration and Customs Enforcement, other federal law enforcement organizations and state departments of corrections.


These government agencies recognized the value the private sector could bring by introducing competition, innovation, and best practices. While the private sector plays a small role in today’s corrections-only about 8% of inmates are housed in private facilities-private prisons are sometimes portrayed in a negative light.


That’s why the three largest private prison companies, which includes MTC, created a new trade organization called the Day One Alliance. The name illustrates the industry’s commitment and desire to help the men and women in our care improve their lives from day one. The founding members include MTC, CoreCivic, and The GEO Group. In addition to the website, you can find the Day One Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.


The announcement of the Day One Alliance was picked up by more than 150 news outlets including the New York Times. The spokesperson of the new trade organization is Alexandra Wilkes, a national news commentator with years of experience in law and politics. Alexandra will use her expertise in the national arena to provide accurate information about private prisons and to clearly explain why government agencies choose to use them.


She said in her statement to the media announcing the Day One Alliance, “It’s past time to add facts back into the debate over the private sector’s small but valued role in corrections and detention. Private contractors lead through innovative programs that reduce recidivism, help prevent humanitarian crises stemming from immigration flows at the border, and provide flexible, cost-effective solutions to government partners in order to achieve vital public safety needs. Day One Alliance is a unified voice to advance a fact-based discussion on these important, complex issues.”