“One of the best partnerships we enjoy” says Idaho Corrections Leader

MTC’s Idaho CAPP Facility in Kuna, Idaho has a long and strong partnership with the Idaho Department of Correction Director Henry Atencio recently talked about his agency’s partnership with MTC.

“So Idaho CAPP has been a partner of the Idaho Department of Correction for the past seven years, and, I can tell you, from day one we’ve had a fantastic partnership with the CAPP facility, their administration, their staff. Everywhere from kind of morphing their mission to joint training ventures with CAPP.  I don’t think we could be happier today than we are with that strong partnership with MTC and CAPP Idaho.

“Our partnership with MTC, with Warden Finn, all the staff at Idaho CAPP, is really one of the best partnerships we enjoy, among our many partnerships in the state of Idaho.  You know, I know they’re a vendor of ours, but it doesn’t feel like a vendor relationship to us.  They’re part of the fold for us, and it’s a critical need in Idaho today.”