The Life-Changing Program at Bridgeport Correctional Center

An ongoing effort at one MTC correctional facility is making a major impact on residents and members of the community.

“I guess you could say it’s a very religious experience,” says Scott Edwards, resident of the Bridgeport Correctional Center. “It’s definitely helping to change people’s lives in here, as well as out there.”

Bridgeport Moses Project Still
Bridgeport Correctional Center residents

Volunteers at the facility in Bridgeport, TX, direct a program called the Moses Project, which involves residents. The men make baby beds for newborns in need, along with various blankets, quilts, go bags, stuffed bears, and other craft projects donated to community organizations.

Jay Lloyd is also a resident involved with the project. “It gives us a way to be able to pay back because we do a lot of stuff for the community,” Jay says, “it gives us a way to do something positive.”

Pam Randall, a volunteer from the community, directs this extensive effort. Warden Linda Thomas is most grateful to Pam.

“The Moses Project; it is such a big project for the facility, and Miss Pam does it all,” explains Warden Thomas. “Anything that I need, she’s just amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better volunteer.”

“To see them finish a blanket, work with each other,” states Pam, “it changes them. It does something to make a commitment, keep the commitment. It builds character. It meets a need in the community, but it also really enriches and nourishes the inmates to feel like they’re giving back. And they also feel like they’re a part of the outside community.”

Scott expresses his appreciation to the volunteers. “I love Miss Pam, I love Miss Janelle; I mean, they’re there for us all the time. If we got questions, they’re right there for us. If we got problems, they got an ear for us so they can listen and help us out and pray for us. They’re great women. Really love them.”

“They always come,” agrees Jay, “and they’re on time. And they’re here. They show us that they care and that they want us to do better in life.”

“We just have some amazing volunteers here,” stresses Warden Thomas.

Pam and the rest of the volunteers are grateful for the support of the Bridgeport facility. “This staff is amazing,” Pam says, “because we have a lot of security to take care of, counting everything, in and out. And they are available at a minute’s notice. The warden and her administrator are just absolutely awesome. Awesome! I couldn’t ask for better. I love doing this. I absolutely love it. It’s awesome. Very rewarding.”

“I’m thankful for this opportunity to be able to do this,” Scott states, “and I hope that after I go home, and whoever takes over my spot? I hope they get just as blessed as I feel.”

Bridgeport Moses Project Still
Bridgeport Correctional Center residents