Work Release Helping Kyle Offenders Rebound

Through cooperation with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the city of Kyle, Texas, MTC’s Kyle Correctional Center is able to make work-release opportunities available for qualifying offenders.

Christopher Reagan is one of those offenders.

“It helps me,” he says, “get back into the rhythm of working, being out there, interacting with people.”

Kyle’s work crews assist the city with the care of parks and recreation areas, the local dog shelter, and community events like the rodeo. Christopher explains how the work helps him prepare to re-enter society.

“Just being able to be around people and helping with family skills and social skills.”

To Christopher, whose addictions led to his incarceration, involvement in Kyle’s work-release program is part of a rehabilitation effort he has embraced, and he is doing his best to prepare for his release, offering no excuses.

“I’m not just crying about it, I’m taking steps—positive steps in changing my life.”