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MTC Medical makes a social impact by providing offenders with quality medical, dental and mental healthcare. We know that offenders who are healthy are more likely to participate in the many programs offered at our facilities.

MTC Medical Overview

Since 2005, MTC Medical has made a social impact by improving the healthcare offenders receive. We provide quality medical, dental, and mental healthcare to more than 20,000 offenders at 15 facilities, while also promoting healthy lifestyles. MTC Medical staff are highly skilled professionals with significant experience in the corrections medical field. 

Expertise & Services

MTC Medical provides professional and compassionate medical, dental, and mental healthcare to offenders at multiple correctional facilities. Our licensed doctors, nurses, and medical assistants serve thousands of inmates every day at 14 correctional facilities in partnership with both state and federal government agencies.

Performance Results

MTC Medical consistently exceeds customer expectations and the high standards of the American Correctional Association, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care, and The Joint Commission. MTC Medical’s comprehensive services are provided in a systematic way that improves safety and facility operation.


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