New MTC Book Celebrates 40 Years of Changing Lives

New MTC Book Celebrates 40 Years of Changing Lives


Since its inception in 1981, MTC has been committed to helping at-risk and underserved men and women rise above their challenges to find success in life.

In celebration of MTC’s 40th anniversary, we have assembled a book to document MTC’s history and how we have made a difference. The new book, titled The People of MTC is now out. Filled with beautiful photos, this new coffee table style book highlights MTC’s incredible first four decades through the eyes of current and former leaders, staff, students, residents, and others.

Find out how MTC began and what drove its founder, Dr. Robert Marquardt, to risk all he had to start the company. See why MTC President Scott Marquardt visited a former resident of the Oliver J. Bell Unit in Mexico. And hear how effective programs and inspiring staff have helped people live happier lives. It’s all in the new book The People of MTC. 

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