Developing Future Leaders Through MTC’s Leadership Academy for Executives Program

MTC is committed to helping the next generation of leaders develop themselves professionally and personally. This includes offering special leadership training for MTC employees, known as “Leadership Academy for Executives”.

Several employees from Job Corps centers across the country were selected and welcomed to participate in the 2024 Leadership Academy for Executives, led by MTC’s Director of Education & Training Gary Vesta. This program lasts 10 months and prepares employees for future leadership positions and promotions while employed with MTC.

“The participants are obviously very successful in the positions they now hold,” says Gary Vesta. “They were chosen by their center director and MTC management to receive more training to help prepare them for future growth.”

Gary continues, “MTC has been committed to developing leaders, for years and years. And that’s why I’m so proud to be a part of it now.”

This year’s training participants are:


Jana Wright

Earle C. Clements Job Corps (Morganfield, KY)


Jessica Ericta

Maui Job Corps (Maui, HI)


Mila Handel

Hawaii Job Corps (Waimanalo, HI)


Lauren K. Mitchell

St. Louis Job Corps (St. Louis, MO)


Rosemary Barbee

Earle C. Clements Job Corps (Morganfield, KY)


Tausha Heiner

Clearfield Job Corps (Clearfield, UT)


Traci Jones

Clearfield Job Corps (Clearfield, UT)


“I’m so proud to be involved with the executive program. I was a graduate in 2000, and so many of our leaders in MTC have completed the executive program (that we called EDP, now we call it Leadership Academy for Executives), so we look forward to their future development.

“This year, they’ll work on monthly assignments, we’ll have a monthly deep dive of presenters, they have projects they have to do, presentations every time we meet, and most importantly, they’re going to learn from each other.”