Job Corps Is A Good Investment: LA Job Corps Graduate Kathia Gonzales Shares Her Success Story

Los Angeles Job Corps graduate Kathia Gonzales recently returned to a special place: her old Center.

“It’s a really good investment because they teach you everything you need to know for the real world,” says Kathia.

“You learn the responsibility to be at work every day. And to be on time. They teach you all the basics, and then you’re ready, just ready to start a job,” she continues.

Stills Kathia
Kathia Gonzales speaks with a current student.

Kathia says after finishing high school, she had a daughter at a young age.

“It kind of made me stop from my education, and then when I decided it was time to get going this was like a perfect fit for me.”

Kathia graduated from the Transportation Communications Union (TCU) program at the center and now is proud to say that she works for Metrolink Commuter Rail. “It feels awesome, especially because Metrolink is a really good company. It has good pay, and we have a union. It’s excellent. It’s a company where you just want to grow and stay.”

She says if you want to make improvements in your life, admit that you need some help. “I needed it!” Kathia says.

“Everybody is awesome here. They help you. They really help you on everything you may need, like your high school diploma and other things. They will make it happen for you.”

Stills Kathia
LA Job Corps students.