MTC is Zeroed in on Success and Improving Lives – Part 2

We’re looking at MTC’s 2020 goals. Last time we talked about the first goal—safety and security. Today, we’ll take a minute to explain the company’s second goal: engaged learning.

“Engaged learning essentially means using a few best practices to teach effectively,” says Senior Vice President John Pedersen. “Everyone’s different and this approach helps tailor our services to meet individual needs.”

John Pedersen
John Pedersen

MTC instructors will focus on three main areas of engaged learning: explicit instruction, behavior management and fidelity monitoring.

“Our instructors really carry a heavy load,” adds Senior Vice President Leann Bertsch. “We’re trying to help people change their lives through effective programs, and we need to make sure our teaching techniques are equally as effective. And that’s where engaged learning comes into play.”

And to measure our success, we’ve got several benchmarks we’re working hard to achieve including implementing a structured behavior management system at correctional facilities and making sure Job Corps graduates get quality jobs.

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Wilkinson County Correctional Facility

“We’re excited about this goal,” says John. “We are an education and training company. This is what we do. And we’re going to be the best at it.”

That’s a snapshot of goal two—delivering engaged learning. Next time we’ll take a look at what MTC is doing to strengthen its culture of caring.