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MTC Medical: Keeping Offenders Healthy

Providing quality healthcare to offenders and detainees

MTC Medical provides quality medical, dental, and mental-health services to inmates and detainees. It’s made a big difference in the lives of incarcerated individuals who are working hard to turn over a new leaf.

“MTC Medical staff saved my life…the MTC staff at Taft went above and beyond the call of duty! I was shocked by everyone’s kindness and concern. I truly believe that the concern of everyone here saved my life even when I did not understand how serious my condition was.” ~ Erick Halkier, Inmate, Taft Correctional Institution

Caring for offenders since 2005

MTC Medical provides more than 12,000 men and women at 8 correctional facilities and four detention centers with prompt, professional, quality health and dental care. MTC’s certified doctors and high-level nurses provide excellent care and promote healthy lifestyles. Patients seen by MTC Medical staff are grateful for the prompt and caring service they receive.

The MTC Impact in 2017

  • 22,818 dental evaluations to ensure appropriate dental treatment
  • 32,245 comprehensive mental health assessments to identify and address patients’ needs
  • 40,250 diagnostic physical examinations to assist in the promotion of overall health and wellness


MTC healthcare experts provide care to offenders and detainees at all levels of supervision and management for clients including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Immigration & Customs Enforcement, U.S. Marshals Service, and state departments of corrections. Our quality of service is based on:

  • Skilled management team
  • Highly experienced and engaged physicians and on-site medical staff
  • Cost-effective care
  • Sophisticated data management systems

“When I have had to come to medical, my needs have been addressed. Any medical conditions I’ve had, any medications I’ve needed, I get it in a timely manner. So basically, I’m pleased with the medical department here.” ~ Roger Atencio, Otero County Prison Facility

ASP – Marana (AZ) (513) ACA, NCCHC

Gadsden CF (FL) (1,633) ACA

Giles W. Dalby CF (TX) (2,063) ACA, TJC

IAH Detention Center (TX) (1,061) ACA

Imperial RDF (CA) (782) ACA, NCCHC

North Central CC (OH) (2,852)

Otero CPF (NM) (1,420) ACA

Otero CPC (NM) (1,089) ACA

Putnam County Jail (FL) (448) NCCHC

Taft CI (CA) (2,500) ACA, TJC

Willacy CRDF (TX) (568) ACA, NCCHC

ACA = American Correctional Association
TJC = The Joint Commission
NCCHC = National Commission on Correctional Health Care