Bahrullah Safi Overcomes More of Life’s Walls with Help From the Clearfield Job Corps Center

Bahrullah Safi is 22 years old and a student at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah. He is enrolled in the United Auto Workers training program, and he loves it.

“[I love this program] because my teachers help me a lot with my stuff. My work in the car [shop] or my study in the classroom, they help me.”

He grew up in Afghanistan with four sisters and three brothers. He worked hard and attended a university. But, 18 months ago came the U.S. military withdrawal and Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Safi says he was lifted over the wall of the airport by a soldier and flown to America.

“I gave my university card and my passport to the American soldier. After…they [saw] my documents, they helped me from under the wall [to over the wall] and dropped me inside the airport.”

Yahoo! Images of the U.S. Military Withdrawal in Afghanistan.

And now he says Job Corps staff are helping him every day get over more walls. “I ask any question, they answer me,” he says.

Safi says all Clearfield staff go out of their way to help, and with that help, he has a plan. “My plan is after I finish my program, I can work at some dealerships…then study to be an aircraft mechanic.”

Safi tries to help his family in Afghanistan by sending money and helping them look toward the future. “I’m so happy I can support my family. I’m so happy for that,” states Safi.

Safi Still
Bahrullah Safi, Clearfield Job Corps Student.

He’s happy when he can talk and catch up with them. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, Safi had a great phone call. “My little brother, he’s 3 years old. I talked to him and he said, ‘Hey Safi, congratulations you have a brother!’” Another brother – that’s Safi’s fourth younger brother. Safi proudly tells everybody his new brother’s name is Issa.

Safi is a good learner because he’s a good listener. But on one subject, you won’t get a word in. “Go to Job Corps. Study in the Job Corps. Jobs Corps has lots of trades, not only automotive.”