Creating a Culture of Caring at the Los Angeles Job Corps Center: Part I

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to take a closer look at MTC’s “Culture of Caring” program. It’s still fairly new, about two years now, but it’s taking shape and making a difference.

“From what I’ve seen here, it’s really about growing, it’s really about understanding what your responsibilities are. And when it comes to my manager, she’s been incredible,” says Alfonso Gallardo, a staff member at the MTC-operated Los Angeles Job Corps Center in California.

At the time this video was shot, Alfonso was a new employee at the LA Job Corps Center. Yadira Diaz, who now works in MTC’s shared service department, was the human resources manager.

“The ‘Culture of Caring’ for me, again, is to nurture our staff and give them the confidence, all the knowledge [they need],” says Yadira.

Culture Still
Yadira Diaz and Alfonso Gallardo.

Alfonso says he noticed the center’s “Culture of Caring” from day one, specifically from his supervisor.

“Every time a question arises, she’s always there to meet it. So, I really feel like there’s a ‘Culture of Caring’ in which I am being nurtured and really being taken care of.”

A “Culture of Caring” starts at the top. And in this case, it’s Center Director Tom Fitzwater.

“I’m so proud of all the staff and students at the LA Job Corps Center,” says Tom.

Culture Still
Tom Fitzwater, center director.

And staff like Alfonso say Tom’s example has spread to the rest of the management team.

“They’ve been very helpful, very guiding, and very supportive,” Alfonso says.

Next week, we’ll go deeper into the “Culture of Caring” program. What is it exactly, and why does Tom, who’s been a leader in Job Corps for more than 40 years, believe it’s so valuable?

“It’s not just considered another thing that we can check off,” says Tom. “It truly does make a difference in the retention of staff.”

Watch Part II here.