Edison Job Corps Gives Back Through Campus Blood Drive

“If I get you to think about it, that’s all I’m asking you to do. Just think about it.”

What Jeff Ochital is trying to get these young Edison Job Corps students to think about is…donating blood.

“Has anyone here ever donated blood before? Do you know what your blood type is? So, you take your middle finger, prick it. That’s what you do. That’s the hardest part about donating blood.”

“If we can get five to six people donating blood, it makes a difference,” he says.

STILL Jeff Blood Drive
Jeff Ochital, Vitalant.

“There’s a 20 percent reduction of people donating blood. Companies are still working remotely.”

Jeff works for Vitalant, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives by collecting blood. The MTC-operated Edison Job Corps Center in New Jersey has partnered with Vitalant for several years. Community service is an important part of Job Corps…giving back.

“What’s great about Edison Job Corps is these kids are great,” Jeff says. “They definitely want to donate blood. We’re in emergency need of blood. So, the hospitals are looking for it. If you’re O  positive, or O negative [we really need it].

STILL Jeff Blood Drive
Edison Job Corps students.

Jeff’s goal was to get 30 students to sign up…he ended up with 50.

“They’re fantastic,” he says. “I feel like I work here. I should get a desk here. I feel like I’m part of the family.”