Matthew Cumings Inspires Local Employer to Expand Business Lines, Hire More Miami North CRC Residents

“What we do is find out what skills they possess, and we try to match those skills up with the employers that keep in constant contact with us,” says Linda Brown, facility director of the Miami North Community Release Center (CRC) in Miami, Florida.

“We’ve got guys that have been employed here, and once they got out of prison altogether, they still kept the same employer, or they were hired by the same employer. And making more money,” Linda continues.

Miami North Matthew Cumings Still
Entrance of the Miami North CRC.

While a resident at the facility, Matthew Cumings got a great job as a welder at Blue Line Equipment working on storage containers. While working at Blue Line, he got the idea of transforming containers into mini-homes.

“It’s a new trend that’s taken off in a big way across the United States,” explains Matthew. “And we’re on the forefront leading edge of it. We’re one of the only companies in the U.S. that’s doing it and doing it to the quality levels that we perform.”

Carlos Mendez is the president of Blue Line. “[Matthew’s] got great ideas,” he says. “So, we’re implementing a lot of his ideas in our system.”

After his release, Matthew continues to work at Blue Line, pursuing what has become a new division for the company. He’s also paved the way for others at the facility to work at the site.

“We have three [guys working here] now and it’s been working great,” says Carlos. “These guys are great. They’re here on time. They work overtime. They can work weekends. We love it.”

Miami North Matthew Cumings Still
Employee Working at Blue Line Equipment.

Carlos is one of many satisfied employers who have connected with the Miami North CRC.

“I really appreciate you guys. I know Mr. Daniel stays in contact with me all the time, so it makes it easier for us communicating not only by email or phone but, at the same time, knowing what their schedules are. I love it. I love the way it’s worked out. And you guys will be hearing from me more and more.”

“I’m just thankful for where I’m at,” states Matthew. “I’m thankful for the way things have turned out for me. I’m thankful to the company I work with, for the people at Miami North, to Mr. Daniel, for the support that they’ve given and shown throughout this process. It’s changed my life for the better in a lot of ways, so I’m just grateful.”