Two Students, Two Different Backgrounds: How Job Corps Brings Them Together

Two students. Two different backgrounds. Same training program. Same Job Corps center.

“I have a better outlook on my future coming to Job Corps,” says A’Driah Gomez Haynes, a student at the Charleston Job Corps Center.

Still Network Cabling Success
A’Driah Gomez Haynes, Job Corps student.

A’Driah came to Charleston Job Corps after running into roadblocks in her personal life.

“My situation at home wasn’t exactly the best. There’s not a lot of opportunities for career advancement and just getting into a career in general,” she says.

Tyzsale Briggs grew up with a strong work ethic. His father, who is no longer living, was his mentor.

“He taught me a lot of things: how to be a boss, how to be a leader, how to be a man, but also, how to work. How to work is what’s carried me to a lot of different jobs and to and [led to] a lot of benefits in my life.”

A’Driah and Tyzsale are both studying network cable installation at the Charleston center, and both are grateful for the opportunities Job Corps has given them.

“I have two certifications now, or maybe three if I get this fiber optic thing. So, I came here with nothing,” says A’Driah.

“You need carpenters. We need mechanics. We need masonry workers. We need painters. We need these types of people,” says Tyzsale. “My trade is networking cable, and there’s not a lot of communications people out there now.”

Still Network Cabling Success
Tyzsale Briggs, Job Corps student.

“I think this program has a lot of opportunities for career growth and job training, independent living, and job readiness. There’s a lot of opportunity here,” says A’Driah.