MTC President Talks About the Coronavirus

MTC President Scott Marquardt has issued the following update regarding the coronavirus and any potential impact on MTC staff and those we serve:

“I want to take a moment to talk to you about the coronavirus and what MTC is doing to make sure our staff and those we serve are safe.

MTC has long had plans in place to deal with epidemics. All of our facilities have plans for pandemics. We’ve had dry runs in past years over the scares for H1N1 flu and SARS, among others. Our medical departments also deal with infectious disease on an ongoing basis, to include everything from TB, hepatitis, MRSA and HIV to flu outbreaks and the common cold. These outbreaks are immediately identified and isolated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued recommendations for preventing coronavirus. We are all familiar with these recommendations – washing hands frequently, good housekeeping and extra efforts disinfecting high-traffic surfaces, sneezing or coughing into a tissue or sleeve, and staying home when sick.

We are receiving more information about coronavirus every day and the recommended protocols will be updated based on what is learned and how the infection progresses.

Today we are working closely with all of our customers on the appropriate preparations and protocols we need to have in place. We have teams at our corporate office and across the country working to prevent the spread of the disease, and also preparing for further disruptions if that becomes necessary

Your safety is our top priority. We’ll keep you updated should anything change that might impact our employees or the people we serve. Thank you.”


Meanwhile, we suggest you stay up to date on the latest developments with the coronavirus by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC website. The CDC has a dedicated area on their website that gives you the latest information on the virus. They also have helpful recommendations to reduce the risk of exposure. We’ll be following the latest developments on coronavirus and will keep you informed on any impact to MTC facilities and staff.