Egyptian Woman Launches New Business Thanks to MTC Training

Egyptian Woman Launches New Business Thanks to MTC Training

Meet Menna Saad, one of MTC’s students in Egypt. She’s involved in the Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement (WISE) project which is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development. As part of the WISE project, MTC is helping prepare thousands of young Egyptians to succeed in life.

Menna recently enrolled in the entrepreneurship classes provided by the School Unit for Transition to Employment. These classes helped Menna develop the skills she needs to succeed in the workplace.

After learning valuable lessons in class, Menna decided to take her passion for crafts and turn them into a viable business. She began making various crafts at her home and selling them to local shop owners. Demand for her products quickly spiked, so she decided to rent her first shop in Alexandria, Egypt.

Menna says time management is a key skill she’s learned through MTC’s entrepreneurship course.

“I sometimes have to run home from school, so as to have spare time for my studies and work.”

The entrepreneurship classes also taught her how to put a business plan together including how to competitively price her products and make a profit.

Menna is now on Facebook marketing her products and new shop which is open two hours every day. When she finishes school she’ll have more time to devote to her business.

She added, “I think entrepreneurship should be taught in every school in Egypt. It gives hope and courage and teaches planning and persistence.”