Detainees at El Valle Facility Thank Staff for Caring Support

Detainees at El Valle Facility Thank Staff for Caring Support

MTC has an operational approach called BIONIC which stands for Believe It Or Not I Care. The company philosophy began in the 1980s and permeates everything  we do. Our greatest desire is to see underserved people improve their lives through education and training.

At our El Valle Detention Facility in Raymondille, TX, a group of detainees recently wrote a letter to staff member Officer Tijerina to thank her for her BIONIC attitude.


In this short letter, we want to express our most sincere thanks and respect for the great support you’ve given us. We recognize your charisma and discipline; it makes us a great family of different nationalities. In [housing unit] B1, we live in moments of joy, anguish, and despair. And throughout all of this, you’re a part of our lives while maintaining a professional status as a detention officer. Thank you for worrying about our state of health, for your “good mornings” every morning and when you provide great education. Thanks also for putting napkins on the tables at lunchtime. Thanks also for worrying about the cleanliness of our dorm and others. We hope you continue doing your job and continue being an example to follow for the other officers. God bless you and many successes.

About El Valle Detention Facility

The El Valle Detention Facility is a dedicated detention center that provides detainees with quality medical care, legal resources and other resources.