Why Bluebonnet Detention Center Is Garnering Praise

In 2019, MTC opened the Bluebonnet Detention Center, a 1,000-bed capacity facility under contract with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement federal agency.

“There’s a lot of services that we provide to the detainees here that they’ve never experienced anywhere else,” states Rosaelena Landeros, an intelligence officer. “And we get lots of compliments of, ‘my goodness, where we came from, they didn’t do this, they didn’t do that, they didn’t care. They don’t treat us the way you guys do’. So, we get a lot of compliments about how we serve them.”

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Bluebonnet Detention Center staff

The Bluebonnet Detention Center is located in Anson, TX, a small community that MTC is grateful to be a part of.

“We have a very, very good working relationship, good relationship with the community,” says Deputy Warden Marcello Villegas. “The county judge is a very big supporter of the facility, along with the Sheriff next door. And we work hand in hand with each other. We’ve participated in book drives and food drives. We actually had a softball tournament between Bluebonnet and the Sherrif’s office. Unfortunately, we got beat, but it was a good turnout.”

“Joining with MTC has been very beneficial for the county and this community,” explains Dale Spurgin, Judge for Jones County. “They bring a very professional product to the table. They conduct themselves in the highest standards, and one of the most impressive things is, is the heart they have. For not only the people that they’re responsible for but their employees and the communities that they’re a part of.”

“We have a very, very good comradery amongst each other,” Warden Villegas relates. “There’s a sense of teamwork, we all work to accomplish and pull the wagon in the same direction. In the kitchen, we receive a lot of compliments from the detainees on how good the food is. No complaints on medical, we get a lot of compliments on medical. And even on the detention officers, we get a lot of compliments on how very respectful they are, and how well they treat and are very responsive to the detainees’ needs.”

“Well, there are days that it’s tough, and there are lessons,” Officer Landeros says, “but I think, overall, people get to see the purpose, the goals, and so they work towards it.”

“And I agree with that, too,” adds Training Manager Judy Dingba. “Every job has its challenges. The senior warden assures us that we have all the things that we need. To have the tools that we need to do our job.”

“We’re grateful for MTC being here,” says Judge Spurgin. “We anticipate they’re going to be here for a long haul, and they have been a positive impact on this community.”

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Bluebonnet Detention Center