Standing For Something: Dendra’s Dedication

“I couldn’t emphasize how great of employees I have here at IAH.”

So says Alex Sanchez, the facility administrator at the IAH Detention Center in Livingston, Texas. One of his many employees that he appreciates so much is Dendra Butler.

“She’s been great not just as an employee but as a friend. I think that’s what I love about most employees here at IAH. They have that mentality that she has. It’s about teamwork. It’s about being BIONIC, not just within the detainee population, but amongst themselves.”

IAH Staff Profile Dendra Butler Still
Dendra Butler, IAH Detention Center

“Working for MTC these five years has been great,” Dendra states. “I’ve learned so much about the company, MTC, itself, to where, now, I know that I want to do more within the company. I want to help people understand the company. So, to have something that we stand for and model ourselves behind means a lot.”

Dendra’s dedication to MTC and our company values is typical of the person she is and her desire to make a difference and lend a hand wherever she can.

“She’s in everything,” explains Administrator Sanchez. “Whether it’s a Thanksgiving committee, Christmas committee, Culture of Caring committee, Care Team committee. I mean, you name it, she’s there at the front line. Anytime we need anybody to volunteer for anything, she’s one of the first to do it.”

Dendra’s commitment to serving goes beyond opportunities at work. She volunteers countless hours of service to the community.

Christine Wright is a unit director at the local Boys and Girls Club, where Dendra volunteers. “She will initiate different types of things that we can do to help the kids. She’s my chain of command to get what I need in that system, so I appreciate everything she does.”

“Outside of here, I keep myself pretty busy,” says Dendra, “plus I have an 18-year-old daughter, which is my heart and soul.”

Between her volunteer work at the facility, and her endless hours of service to the community and her church, Dendra is a busy woman. But then, that’s pretty much what she’s all about.

“That’s me: I’m church, work, family. That’s me in a nutshell.”

IAH Staff Profile Dendra Butler Still
Dendra Butler, IAH Detention Center