Kuna, ID Mayor – Supporter of MTC Partnership

Kuna, Idaho Mayor Joe Stear

“One thing that’s always been very important to me as a mayor is building relationships and working cooperatively whenever we can.  MTC has done a great job working with the city. They’re providing more programs whenever we ask.  They’re always available for help.  Some of the MTC employees are actually very active in some of our community programs.”

“Another thing that MTC does is, in conjunction with the Kuna Rural Fire District, they jointly train; they go out and they work together so that if there ever is an emergency situation, they know each other, and that those things go smoothly. It’s always best to train and get those things all on board before there actually is an emergency, and I think they’ve done a great job with that; to help ensure the safety of not only the inmates and employees out there, but also the citizens that live in that area.”

“And those are just the types of relationships that I like to build that help make our community survive and to thrive. I’m very appreciative of MTC and their presence near our city.”