Published Executive Testifies of Job Corps’ Value to the U.S.

Susan Fallon, vice president of business development for Monster Government Solutions, recently testified before the U.S. House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Subcommittee  about the importance of the Job Corps program.

Ms. Fallon says the issues of most importance to and millions of employers around the nation are jobs, the country’s youth, and a skilled workforce. She noted that according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce there are 5.6 million jobs that are vacant because employers can’t find enough skilled workers.

Fallon says, “These are essentially lost jobs in our communities that we could easily reclaim through upscaling and investing in our workforce development.”

She adds that our youth are our future. recently partnered with Job Corps to launch an initiative called Youth Opportunities 2010. Ms. Fallon talked to members of the House Committee about Job Corps’ record of success.

“In program year 2015, nearly 80 percent of students left with an industry-recognized credential; the result, 86 percent of graduates secured jobs or enrolled in higher education. The bottom line: Job Corps works…small and large businesses across the nation trust their Job Corps centers and Job Corps graduates to meet their talent needs.”